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A4 Tech 3300N Wireless Keyboard With Paddles Mouse

A4 Tech 3300N Wireless Keyboard With Paddles Mouse
A4 Tech 3300N Wireless Keyboard With Paddles Mouse

Description :

Consistent Wireless Stability: Advanced 2.4GHz powerful wireless connection with distance up to 10m. Auto-Channel stablizing Plug and leave-in nano receiver provides essentially no delays or connection conflicts.

Up to 12 Months Battery Life: Go longer between battery changes with energy efficient engineering. Extreme quality offer over 12 months lifetime guaranteed.

1000 DPI: Guaranteed smooth and accurate tracking anywhere.

7 Internet Hotkeys: Easy to access to 7 internet functions.

Ultra-Slim Keycap Structure: Ultra-slim keycap structure offers responsive quiet touch typing.

Laser Inscribed Keys: Ensure you will never loose key identity.

16 in One: 16 Gestures to perform selectable hotkey commands on right button.

4-Way Wheel: Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling.

1 Year Warranty

Gaming Features
Tracking Method Optical
Main Features
Cable Length Mouse: Wireless
Connection Type USB
Interface Connector: USB 7 Multimedia Hotkeys
Others Buttons No.: 3 Report Rate: 125 Hz Rating: 1.5 V / 4 mA
Resolution 1000 DPI
Physical Specifications
Weight 80 g
Dimension(LxWxH) 99 × 60 × 38 mm

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